Prospective Viking Yacht Club Member

We are pleased that you are interested in membership in Viking Yacht Club, a cruising club made up of both sailboat and powerboat owners. Formed in 1959, Viking Yacht Club, although small in comparison with some other clubs in the area, enjoys name familiarity throughout Puget Sound. We have reciprocal privileges with many other yacht clubs in Puget Sound and Canada. Club cruises are scheduled throughout the year.

To apply for membership is simple:

  •   Complete an application and include the name of the member who is sponsoring you, or the club Membership Chairperson.
  •   Membership Chairperson will contact you and provide information about the initiation/acceptance process, which includes attending two Viking events (general meeting & cruise event) Publication of your request for membership, and final induction at the third club function.
  • Payment of the $200.00 (or prorated) dues will be accepted


We are looking forward to having you join us. Please call the membership chairperson for more information about the club. We’d love to meet you!

Click this link for application


Benefits of Membership

• Fun cruises & functions with fellow boaters
• Expanded friendships with fellow boaters
• Extensive reciprocal’s available throughout Puget Sound, San Juan Islands,  and Canada compared with other boating clubs (see reciprocal page for additional info). Use of Reciprocal’s can save money on moorage fees, taking advantage of this club benefit can even get back the costs of annual dues
• With no Club House to deal with, our membership dues are low and no additional time or money required to maintain a club house
• Access to Tacoma Yacht Clubs clubhouse and restaurant