TACOMA, WA



          SECTION I:       The name of this Association shall be VIKING YACHT CLUB.  



SECTION I:       The purpose of this club shall be:

1.       To promote and encourage a greater interest in boating.

2.       To provide instruction for and pursue a policy of safe and sane boat handling.

3.       To work for legislation that we deem necessary and helpful to boating and against legislation that is discriminatory, unjust or otherwise detrimental.

4.       To conduct cruises, regattas or other allied functions.

5.       To develop the friendship, sportsmanship and good fellowship of its members and the public.

6.       To affiliate with local and national boating associations.




SECTION I:       Membership in the club open to boat owners as well as all individuals who are interested in boating.

SECTION II:      Membership in the club shall be limited to 100 dues paying memberships.

1.      Co-habituating couples shall constitute one (1) dues paying membership, but each shall be eligible to participate in all activities; shall have equal rights and privileges including the right to vote and hold office. Subject to Board approval, two members of the same family may hold elective office concurrently.

2.      One (1) dues paying membership shall be available for Associate members who do not own a boat.   They shall be eligible to participate in all activities, shall have equal rights and privileges including the right to vote and hold office.

3.      The Board shall have the power to change the membership limits should they deem it advisable


SECTION III:     Children on reaching age 18 may apply for full membership and then become eligible to all rights and privileges of adult members, including the right to vote. Upon reaching the age of 21, they become eligible to hold the offices of Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Yeoman or Purser.

SECTION IV:     The Membership Chairperson shall encourage solicitation of new members and shall receive and process all prospective membership applications from the member sponsor. The membership chairperson shall contact prospective members to provide a copy of the Club By-Laws and Standing Rules and advise the following:

1.       Attendance of two club functions, including at least one meeting, is required prior to being granted membership.  The membership chairperson and prospective members shall determine a timeline to complete membership requirements

2.       The member sponsor or membership chair will introduce prospective members at each of the two club functions.

3.      After first attendance of a meeting or function, the names and background data are to be published in LUR asking for acceptance or objections from general membership. No response will indicate acceptance.

4.       Prospective member attends second function.

5.       Board acts on membership, and with its recommendation, the prospective member shall be sworn in at the next general membership meeting after paying the required dues and initiation fees. New members may be inducted during the summer season (June, July, and August) at a summer Club function.

6.       New members will be provided with membership cards, name tags, burgee, and access to member only sections of the VYC website which includes access to the membership roster, reciprocals, and all club documents and resources.


SECTION V:      Any member may resign at any time upon written notice, and surrender of their membership card(s) and VYC Burgee, delivered to the Yeoman. Voluntary resignation shall not entitle a former member to a return of his entrance fee or dues paid.

SECTION VI:     Membership in the Club shall be terminated for nonpayment of dues. Such nonpayment shall be defined as 90 days in arrears. Said membership shall revert to and become the property of the Club. Terminated members must return their membership card(s) and VYC Burgee upon notice of termination by the club. Disposition of the unusual cases shall be at the discretion of the Board.

SECTION VII:    Membership may also be terminated for cause, after a full hearing before the Board by 2/3 vote of all members of the Board at any regular or special meeting. Terminated members must return their membership card(s) and VYC Burgee upon notice of termination by the club.

SECTION VIII:   Any member in good standing called into the active service of the Armed Forces will remain a member in good standing and shall be exempt from all dues and fees until released from active service.





SECTION I:       Management of the Club shall be vested in a twelve member Board, elected by the Club in the following manner:  a Governing Board to include a Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Yeoman, and Purser, all to be elected annually.  There will be no more than two Trustees-at-Large, to be elected for two year terms, and whose terms shall expire on alternate years and four appointed non-voting chairpersons to include: Membership Chairperson, Parliamentarian, Publicity, and Webmaster. The retiring Commodore shall automatically become a member of the Board as Jr. Past Commodore for the year following term of office.

SECTION II:      Five members of the Governing Board shall constitute a quorum.

SECTION III:     Regular meetings of the Board shall be held monthly at a time and place designated by the Commodore.

SECTION IV:     Special meetings of the Board may be called by the Commodore or by a quorum. Notice of special meetings shall be given in sufficient time to permit the members to be present.

SECTION V:      Vacancies in the Board other than the Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Yeoman and Purser shall be filled in such a manner, as the Board shall determine. Refer to Article V, Section X.

SECTION VI:     Any decisions by the Board can be vetoed by a 2/3 vote of the members present at the general meeting.

SECTION VII:    Members of the Board are required to be active and do their utmost to attend all General, Special and every Board meeting. Board members missing four regular meetings or four board meetings consecutively without legitimate excuse may be subject to removal from office.



SECTION I:       The elected officers of the club shall be a president, who shall be known as the Commodore, vice-president, who shall be known as the Vice-Commodore, second Vice President, who shall be known as the Rear Commodore, Secretary who shall be known as the Yeoman, Treasurer who shall be known as the Purser and two Trustees-at-Large to be elected for two (2) year terms, expiring on alternate years. The Commodore, Vice Commodore and Rear Commodore shall not be eligible to hold the same office more than two terms consecutively.


SECTION II:      Method of Annual Election:

1.      The Commodore shall appoint a nominating committee of four (4) persons, two (2) of the present board and two (2) club members in good standing. The makeup of that committee will be announced by September 1.

2.     The duty of the committee is to prepare a slate of candidates for the elective offices as prescribed within the By-Laws. (Article IV Section I)

3.      Each office will be limited to not more than three (3) nominees.

4.      The nominating committee recommendations for the officers and board shall be presented to the membership at the September meeting, and names of nominees shall be published in the LUR immediately for the information of all members.

5.      Nominations by the membership for officers and board shall be made at the October meeting with election immediately following. If two or more candidates are nominated for one position, names will be in alphabetical order and vote will be by ballot.

6.      The Committee shall nominate only those club members who have given their prior approval, who have the skills to carry out the duties of the office, and are willing to accept the responsibilities of the office for which they are being nominated.

7.       Absentee ballots will be provided upon personal request to the Yeoman after the close of the September meeting. All absentee ballots must be returned by 8:00 p.m. at the October meeting.

SECTION III:     The elected officers will be installed during the Change of Watch ceremony in November. They shall hold office for terms as prescribed by the By-Laws.

SECTION IV:     The Commodore shall preside at all General Club and the Board meetings. The Commodore shall be an ex-offico member of all Committees, and shall perform all Commodore duties assigned under these By-Laws. The commodore shall appoint the following positions: Membership, Parliamentarian/By-Laws, Publicity, and Webmaster, a Water Safety Officer, Sunshine Chairperson, an Auditing Committee, the Nominating Committee, the IOBG RBAW representative and any other committee deemed necessary by the Governing Board.

SECTION V:      During the absence or temporary incapacity of the Commodore, the Vice Commodore shall fulfill the Commodore's duties and responsibilities under the same authority vested in the Commodore under these By-Laws. The Vice Commodore is also responsible for presenting the Club budget for the ensuing year.

SECTION VI:     The Rear Commodore shall propose and direct all cruising activities.

SECTION VII:    The Yeoman shall keep all records and accounts of all meetings of the Club and the Board.

SECTION VIII:   The Purser shall be responsible for disbursements of funds for the Club under the direction of the Governing Board. The Purser shall cause an annual audit conducted by the Auditing Committee, and the Committee shall report to the membership at the annual meeting. The Purser shall keep all funds in a bank selected by the Board.

SECTION IX:     Vacancies in the office of Commodore, Vice-Commodore, Rear Commodore, Yeoman and Purser (Article IV; Section VI) shall be filled by the membership at any meeting at which a quorum is present. Officers elected to fill vacancies shall serve only until the next regular election.

SECTION X:      Any Committee Chairperson may appoint as many members as he or she deems necessary to aid in carrying out the duties of the committee.

1.     The Parliamentarian shall be responsible for making sure the meetings of the Board and General Membership are conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order; and for drafting proposed changes to the bylaws of the club as directed by the membership or board. The Board and membership in accordance with the Viking Yacht Club Bylaws shall process the drafted changes in the bylaws.

2.     Publicity Chairperson shall be Editor-In-Chief of the Club publication, “LUR” and director of all public relations.

3.     Membership shall encourage solicitation of new members and shall receive and process all applications for membership. Communicate with prospective members to fulfill membership requirements and coordinate installation of new members.

4.     Webmaster shall be responsible for maintaining and updating the website, and keeping all club documents.

5.     Water Safety Officer shall be responsible to inform the membership of ongoing safety regulations and updates from the US Coast Guard and/or Power Squadron and to make reports as necessary.

6.     Sunshine Chairperson shall be responsible for sending cards or notes, and if applicable, flowers in certain events, i.e. illness or death. When in doubt contact Commodore and/or Flag Officer.

7.       IOBG/RBAW Representative shall be responsible for keeping Club's Blue Gavel members apprised of ongoing activities, dates and places, and making timely reports and shall attend each RBAW meeting and present report to membership the following month.




SECTION I:       The fiscal year of the Club shall commence the first day of January and end on the last day of December of each year.

SECTION II:      At the annual meeting in January, the Vice-Commodore shall submit to the members, a proposed budget covering total anticipated income and expenditures for the coming fiscal year. Proposal to revise the budget may be made by any member before the budget is adopted by majority vote. Neither the Board nor any member of the Club shall obligate the Club in excess of the approved budget.

SECTION III:     Club funds shall be kept in a bank selected by the Board and in the name of the Club, subject to withdrawal by checks signed in such manner as may be directed by the Board. The Purser is the primary signature on all accounts. The Governing Board, immediately after the Change of Watch, shall appoint Trustee II to a two-year term as an alternate signee on all club accounts. 

SECTION IV:     An annual audit shall be made of all accounts of the Club. A statement of the financial condition, together with a summary of any other assets of the Club, shall be presented by the Purser at the annual meeting.




SECTION I:       Membership fees, dues and the manner of payment shall be determined by the Board and approved by the membership.

SECTION II:      Dues shall be payable January 1st of each year.

SECTION III:     The Purser shall notify members 30 days in advance of membership renewals via individual emails stating the amount due and date to be received by the purser, notification in the LUR, and a general announcement at the September general meeting.




SECTION I:       The annual meeting of the members of the Club shall be held at the regular January meeting.

SECTION II:      Regular meetings of members shall be held on the day of each month as agreed upon by the Board and approved by majority vote of the members. The Yeoman shall give notice of change of venue and time of all regular meetings and the annual meeting to each member and publish such changes in the LUR.

SECTION III:     Special meetings of the members may be called by the Commodore or by the Board. Adequate notice must be given to the membership.

SECTION IV:     Twenty (20) percent of current membership constitutes a quorum.

SECTION V:      Any action taken at a regular or special meeting shall require a majority vote of those present except where otherwise specified.


All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with the current edition of "Robert's Rules of Order."




1) Meetings of the Board shall be held monthly, except for the months of July and August, at a place designated by the Commodore. The meetings in November can be utilized for the Change of Watch and the December meeting can serve as the clubs annual Christmas function.

2) Club meetings are to commence at 1900 hours. A no-host social hour will precede each meeting. Service of cocktails and dinner will be between 1800-1900 hours.
3) At the time of initiation, new members shall be furnished, (cost is included in the initiation fee) a new members packet with a Club burgee, a name tag and the password to the members only section of the Viking Web Site for the bylaws and standing rules. Associated memberships do not include a club burgee.
4) All income generated by the club is to be placed in the General Fund. These funds shall be used for the good of all membership.
5) New members shall be listed in the LUR, the month of their installation. For summer club additions, a shortened LUR that includes new member information will suffice.   This is necessary because the LUR is published only 9 months of the year.
6) Any member failing to wear his or her membership nametag during the meeting and entertainment period shall be fined $1.00 The Vice Commodore shall be responsible for the collection of the fines.
7) Proceeds from the "Fun Fines" shall be used for a monthly attendance drawing to be held at the general meeting, by the Vice Commodore. The Vice Commodore will ask a member to pick one name from the member name container. The member must be present to win. If the member is not present, the money in the pot carries over until the next meeting. One dollar in quarters is to be left for the next meeting to make change.
8) A raffle/jackpot drawing will be held each regular meeting for those wishing to participate. The Vice Commodore will sell raffle tickets for $1.00 each. The Vice Commodore will ask a member to pick one ticket from the bucket. Five dollars are to remain in the pot for change for the next meetings raffle.
9) Charter members, Honorary Life Time Members, and Honorary members shall be recognized on the Membership Roster. The names of all other members shall be listed in alphabetical order.
10) Any members holding the title of Honorary Life Time Member shall have their annual dues waived, however, they shall be responsible for the cost of their tickets for the Commodore's Ball. Amount will be same as dues paying members.
11) The title of Honorary Member shall be given under special circumstances and shall be conferred for the membership year in which it is given. Honorary Members may be guests of Viking Yacht Club for any event deemed appropriate by the membership or the Board. Changes in the privileges of honorary members shall be made at the discretion of the Board and the general membership.
12) Club burgee is to be standardized to 12" x 18". Each Club burgee, other than one provided upon installation, will be sold at Club cost. Charter members who want a Charter member star on their burgee must reimburse the Purser for any extra cost. An individual member may not obligate the Club to exchange burgees with another Club. Burgees may only be exchanged after approval of the Board.
13) The following are to be Annual Club functions: Sweetheart Banquet, VYC Boating Family of the Year Cruise, Commodore's Ball, Change of Watch, Christmas Party and any other functions approved by the board and the membership.
14) Election of the Boating Family of the Year will be held in October. Nominator(s) shall state reasons why nominees should be considered for this honor. If there are two or more nominees, the election shall be by ballot. The person(s) who nominated the winning family shall write a short letter of recognition stating why this family deserves to be elected. A plaque shall be engraved and presented to the Family at a General meeting along with two embroidered patches and the letter of recognition.
15) A special cruise designated, "Boating Family of the Year" (BFOY) cruise, shall be held in honor of the Viking Yacht Club "Boating Family of the Year." This cruise is to be held during the month of April, or at a time that is suitable for the special family. The cruise captains, nominating members for the "Family of the Year" cruise will arrange to honor this family during the cruise by arranging breakfast for the family and paying for the honorees moorage out of the Cruise Budget.
16) At the January meeting, the Jr. Past Commodore shall distribute ballots for the Viking Yacht Club Sweetheart to male members of the club for voting. Male members only are permitted voting privileges. Absentee ballots will be offered as requested and collected prior to the counting. The sitting Jr. Past Commodore will be responsible for counting the ballots for the next Sweetheart and having the plaque engraved as well as obtaining the Sweetheart patch.  The JR Past Commodore shall preside at the ceremony. The past Sweetheart's mate shall reveal the name of the honoree and crown the new Sweetheart.
17) DUCK AWARD: Any adult member in good standing, who shall unintentionally fall into the water from a boat, dock, wharf or float resulting in a minimum wetting of both feet up to the ankles, shall be eligible for the Club Duck. In case of a questionable circumstance, the Water Safety Officer and his committee shall be the sole and final judges in the matter.
18) STIFF ROPE AWARD: Any adult member in good standing, who shall request and/or accept a tow, or fuel in lieu of a tow, for his boat from any other craft, tug or water craft of any kind, shall be eligible for the Stiff Rope Award, except for a pre-planned tow from permanent moorage to a place of repair work. In case of a questionable circumstance, the Water Safety Officer and his committee shall be the sole and final judges in the matter.
19) PROPELLER AWARD AKA Bent Prop: Any adult member in good standing, who shall have to change the propeller on his boat, inboard or outboard, resulting from hitting anything or running aground shall be eligible for his name appearing on the Propeller club trophy. In case of questionable circumstances, the Water Safety Officer and his committee shall be the sole and final judges in the matter.
20) BOO-BOO AWARD; Any adult member in good standing who shall commit a faux pas relative to boating in any and all circumstances shall be eligible for the Boo-Boo Award. In case of a questionable circumstance the Water Safety Officer and his committee shall be the sole and final judges in the matter.
21) Club policy for withdrawal from or lapse of active membership and subsequent reinstatement to active membership status:
A. Lapse of membership due to delinquent dues of less than 90 days: Member pays current year dues and a penalty of $5.00 per month for dues delinquent from January 1 of dues year. Three personal contacts are to be made with the delinquent member by a Club representative. Nonpayment of dues in excess of 90 days can result in a termination of club membership.  Per Bylaws Article III Section VI.
B. Voluntary withdrawal from active membership (Leave Of Absence) is permitted by a Club member in good standing who intends to reactivate membership in the future. A Club member in good standing may submit a letter to the Board of Trustees requesting transfer of status from active dues paying membership to an inactive non-dues paying status.
C. Re-admission to active dues paying membership status of a Club member on approved withdrawal status: A member on approved inactive status may be readmitted to an active membership status at any time by paying the full current year dues.
22) All Officers and Chairpersons shall keep accurate and orderly records of their respective year in office. Where possible, the records maintained and stored by the Commodore, Vice Commodore, and Rear Commodore shall be kept on PC compatible media maintained and stored by the Webmaster. Both such records are to be turned over to the newly elected Officers and appointed Chairpersons during the month of November.
23) The Junior Past Commodore and his or her mate are ex-officio Social Chairpersons after the Change of Watch and shall be responsible for arrangements for the Sweetheart Dinner and the Commodore's Ball. They may choose committee members as needed. They are also responsible for chairing any other social event planned by membership.
24) The "Change of Watch" Banquet will be the responsibility of the incoming Commodore. He or she shall select the site and installing officer.
25)Awards to be presented at the "Change of Watch" by outgoing Commodore include the Duck Award, Stiff Rope Award, Propeller Award, Boo-Boo Award and any other award deemed necessary in the spirit of friendship and good spirited fun as relates to boating and Club activities.
26) At the "Change of Watch" the Commodore shall present an Award known as the Commodore's award, to the person he or she believes excelled during the Club year.
27) Commodore's Budget includes expenses for hosting a party prior to the Commodore's Ball.
28) An Audit Chairperson shall be appointed by the Commodore no later than the September meeting. This will enable the newly elected Purser to receive audited records prior to the Annual meeting in January so that a report of the audit can be presented to the members.
29) The incoming Commodore shall be responsible for presenting the Past Commodore flag at the "Change of Watch."
30) The Vice Commodore shall be responsible for having the American flag at each regular meeting.
31) Rear Commodore's budget includes expenses for major club cruises, i.e. Oyster Feed, Seafood Boil, Steak Fry, Halloween and any other cruise that may require Club expenditures.
32) Cruise schedules shall be printed and presented to the membership as early as possible, but no later than the February meeting.
33) The Standing Rules shall be reviewed periodically by the Trustees and the Parliamentarian. Recommended changes will be approved by the Board, and then presented to the membership for approval. The Standing Rules are to be posted to the website and Club members notified of any revision.
34) Purser shall be responsible for purchasing required flags for elected officers and the Jr. Past Commodore.
35) Excess funds from budgeted activities shall be allocated and approved by the club membership.
36) The Trophy Chairperson shall be in charge of collecting the "Fun Award" trophies and plaques and having them engraved for presentation. Outgoing Commodore shall make the presentations at the "Change of Watch" in November. Nominations and selections of "Fun Awards" recipients shall be made at the October meeting.
37) A tally of election ballots will be available after each yearly election.
38) Persons confirming reservations to any Club function involving a charge, who fail to attend without timely notification, (except for an unexpected last minute emergency) shall be billed for the actual expense incurred.
39) TRUSTEE 1-YEAR and TRUSTEE-2-YEAR: Act to insure that rules of the Club are conducted in accordance with by-laws and Standing Rules and that all business is conducted according to the wishes of the membership.
40) HISTORIAN: Keep records of articles, pictures and any information pertinent to Club activities for posting on the clubs Website.

41) RBAW: Representative or his/her alternate shall attend each RBAW meeting and present report to membership the following month.
42) BLUE GAVEL: Responsible for keeping Club's Blue Gavel members apprised of ongoing activities, dates and places, and making timely reports.
43) WATER SAFETY: Responsible to inform the membership of ongoing safety hints and to make reports as necessary.
44) SUNSHINE: Responsible for sending cards or notes, and if applicable, flowers in certain events, i.e. illness or death.  This information should be shared with Publicity for a potential posting in the LUR.  When in doubt contact Commodore.

45) Officers should represent the club at the annual Daffodil Parade and Seattle Opening Day.  If officer is unable to attend, a replacement past officer should be found by the board or missing officer.

46) Officers will make every effort to submit a monthly article for the LUR.

47) Current Officers should represent the club at other sister club functions, such as;  Commodore Balls, receptions, etc.


“Revised:  March 2017”